Our First Lady

First Lady Winifred Brodie is a woman who is grounded and rooted in service unto the Lord. Her caring and nurturing nature epitomizes the word help mate. First Lady Brodie and her husband, Dr. Mannie L. Brodie, Jr. began Principles of Faith Christian Center (PFCC) in 1998 with only 8 members which now has grown to a roll membership of 1,000. Dr. Mannie and Winfred Brodie are an inspiring couple who love people and live life to the full. They are totally dedicated to see our generations live great lives through faith in Jesus Christ. "A spirit of faith" aptly describes this couple and Principles of Faith Christian Center is an extension of their passion and their devotion.

The ministry of First Lady Winnie, as she is affectionately referred, began during her years as a Hair Stylist where she consistently used the Word of God to encourage many of her clients through life's challenges. The wisdom to mentor is the mandate that God has given her to train, develop and empower women to become victorious in the promises of God.
First Lady Winifred has witnessed miraculous moves of God and great experiences of wealth transfer. She knows firsthand how to position herself through the "God kind of faith" to progress in the power of God. She uses the example of Hebrews 11, where it describes the moves experienced by faith to PFCC. By faith the transfer of the first home of PFCC was acquired by writing a letter to the corporate owners of the property, by faith the City of Fontana's eminent domain case resulted in a compensation of 1.4 million, which led to the PFCC Sanctuary building project completion totaling 2.4 million.

First Lady Winifred embodies the flair of an interior designer. Everyone who enters the "House that Faith Built" (PFCC) comments about the elegant presentation and she comments that, "the House of God should always represent superlative quality". Her goal as she so eloquently ascribes is to "see God's people receive His best!". PRAISE GOD!!
First Lady Winifred Brodie is well known for her willingness to worship.  She is a leader who knows that the true meaning of living a righteous life is to seek God not just through your praise or prayer life, but also with worship.  She also believes that worship is real when you have a true relationship with Christ and it becomes your top priority because you can't come before the King and not offer a gift! She works diligently in the service of the Lord with her husband, Dr. Mannie L. Brodie. First Lady Winnie has been given the mandate to empower women for God, First Lady Winnie founded the Women With Vision Ministry of Principles of Faith Christian Center  She believes that in order to serve God, we must also learn to become willing servants to one another. First Lady Winnie is a firm believer that you should walk worthy, walk in unity and most importantly, Walk in love, as Christ also hath loved us . . . . (Ephesians 5:2)




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