Welcome to Principles of Faith Christian Center! We are so excited that you're considering visiting us here at PFCC. Coming to a new place can be intimidating. You may not know anybody, or where to go once you get here. From the moment you walk through our doors, we want you to feel at home here. We want to make it a little easier to find your way around and get connected at PFCC by answering some of the questions that you may have before you come. Please check out some of our frequently asked questions below.


How Do I Find You? What Can I Expect When I Arrive?
You will find us at 17977 Merrill Avenue in Fontana on the corner of Grace and Merrill. Call us to chat to our friendly administration team, or come along to our service on Sunday to get a real taste of what Principles of Faith Christian Center is all about. Once you enter the inner courtyard, parking attendants will be there to greet you and direct you to where you can park. Upon entering the building, you'll find friendly greeters, who will direct you to where you need to go and the information desk where one of our staff members can provide you information on special events, and other questions you may have. We would love to meet you, so please feel free to introduce yourself.

I have kids, Where Should I Take My Children?
We believe people of all ages need an exciting church home, so Principles of Faith Christian Center has age-specific classes for kids. Our Children's Ministry is down the hallway and one of our greeters will direct you where you will be able to check in your kids. Once there, you will be directed to the age-specific classes where you can drop off your kids. Principles of Faith has quality staff and clean classrooms for children (nursery through 6th grade) at all services. While children are certainly welcome into the Worship Service, we also provide a Mothers Room for mothers' with infants who would like to look after their babies while still being involved in the service. Head to the discreet room at the back down the hall where one of our Greeters will direct you. Once there, you'll find a comfortable area suitable for feeding, and caring for your child and with a one-way window and speakers, you won't miss out on the service either. Couples are both welcome to sit in the Mothers Room with their child. To know more about PFCC's Children's Ministry, click here.

Do You Need A Quick Pick Me Up? Hungry or Thirsty?
Why don't you head on over to the Faith Cafe Resource Center and have a muffin, bagel, sandwiches, or coffee, hot chocolate mocha or tea. Hang out here and check out our resource material or just fellowship until services start. We'll do our best to make you feel at home. To find out more about our Faith Cafe Resource Center, click here.

It's almost time for the service to start. Where do I go now? What is the Main Service Like?
Head into the the Sanctuary you will be welcomed by an usher and handed a bulletin, so please make yourself at home. We look forward to worshiping with you and hope that you will experience God's presence as we worship together. Principles of Faith Christian Center is a casual come as you are church where people come from all sorts of backgrounds and cultures. Sunday mornings, attire is comfortable/casual/dressy. If you like to dress nice, great. If you are more t-shirt & jeans than coat & tie, that's fine too. As we have stated, we are a come as you are church. There is no dress code or expectation other than to learn God's Words and apply them to your life. The common denominator is an authentic spirit to listen, learn, and discover the life God has for us through Jesus Christ.

The Service is usually 65-70 minutes. You will be surprised how fast the time goes as the worship team leads our singing, and you receive an inspirational message from Pastor Brodie who expositorally teaches on teaching, preaching, healing and having faith in God. He doesn't compromise the Word and teaches strictly from the Bible by showing you God's promises word for word, line upon line, precept upon precept. You will be inspired to learn more.

What About After the Service?
You have a few options: If you would like to meet with a prayer team member, please come forward to the front when Pastor Brodie gives the Altar call. There, a team member (also called an Intercessor) will be available to answer any questions and pray for you if you so desire. After the Sunday Morning service, you're not done. When you leave the Sanctuary, we invite you to walk out to the Foyer. Since we're family now, our staff would love to meet you and personally welcome you to Principles of Faith Christian Center. If you have children in the Children's Ministry classes, you should pick them up first, then hang out, maybe meet someone new or discover an old friend. After the service, you can also head back to "Guest Central" so bring any questions that you may have for us, staff members are available to help answer any questions and we'll have a special gift for you!

What Other Services Do You Have?
Principles of Faith Christian Center has other services and events going on throughout the week. For more information on those services,click here.

How Do I Join or What's Next?
Great you've attended one of our services, and now you want to get more connected and learn more. But how? We are glad you asked. PFCC's New Members Class is your next step. The New Members class is the fourth Saturday of every month, The New Members Class is the best way to learn more about us and begin connecting at Principles of Faith Christian Center. To find out more about it, click here.

I have a few more questions. Where can I get answers?
Questions? Stop by our "Information Desk" and there will be a friendly face there to help you. For answers to questions that you have before you arrive, you can call us at 909-829-2055 or Email Us Here

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